Just wanted to share this article I just saw with you... Unbelievable! (article Jan 2015)

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I still have no trust in nursing homes after my experiences with my Mom's rehab in 2 of them in the last 8 months. On top of bad or no care, it just feels like they want to take everything over and nose into all the patient has more than anything. What is to stop them from not doing enough rehab and then telling families the person needs 24/7 or...of course, long term care hoping you will leave your loved one there for tons of money a year? It is like my instincts went into hightened alert when dealing with the admissions process in the nursing home office for the rehab. Then the PT people start ordering equipment and make you buy all kinds of utensils and equipment you end up not needing. Nothing would surprise me when it comes to nursing homes tactics.

A little misleading. Read the full article in the NY Times. The facilities only petition the court when families refuse to pay the bill.
The facility does not seize anything, nor are they the Guardian. The Judge appoints an independent party.

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