It hardly seems like Christmas happened. Hubby and I (and dogs) opened gifts, got the required phone calls from children far away and we had steak for dinner. Usually there is a "family" Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner with my sister and her family and Mom. Death of her spouse, daughter who moved, etc and Mom now in a nursing home changed all that. My children never able to come, too expensive to fly.
We drove to visit Mom on Christmas Eve day and I gave her presents and showed her pictures of long ago. She didn't know what or who she was looking at, and just nodded at presents. Christmas Eve I didn't sleep, thinking about her there. So Christmas afternoon I again made the 80 mile round trip bringing the puppy to liven up her day, only to find out she was in bed sleeping (and there is no waking her from a nap). So I left a note on the whiteboard and left. A very strange, almost "non Christmas" this year. I can't even describe how it felt, almost numb. Thank God for my dear husband and my little dogs.

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AmyGrace, what you wrote made me think of something. We get so focused on the loss of people from our parents' holiday tables that we don't notice our own is also thinning out. When no one is there, holidays can just seem like normal days.

I do wish your mother had woke up. I hope the note you left brought her some cheer.

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