I am so depressed by offering my home for my mother to live in. Ever since she came to live with me, she has done everything to ruin my life by telling me that no one likes me, etc.
I have done everything for her, but she is so controlling...
I am so depressed and destroyed by her hurtful words.

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Depression is something you can get help with. Mom's a different issue. Sounds like support for you in dealing with her is in order, and there are many resources available for that. Words she speaks to you can be forgiven if they are untrue by knowing and understanding the source, and understanding her motivation. If she's got some mental health issues, she needs help, and you can focus on getting that help for her and you. Sounds like your compassion for your mother led you to do some things that may not be in your best interest, and she doesn't appreciate the efforts and is lashing out against you. That's not a mark against you, but her. Just ordered a book called: "Meaning from Madness, Understanding the Hidden Patterns that Motivate Abusers" by Richard Skerritt, that you may find helpful. It explains a lot, and may give you a fresh perspective in dealing with your mom, and relieving your guilt. Yes, they control with words and actions. If you learn how to handle that, it can ease your depression. Take care, sweetheart, and get some new tools for dealing with your mom.

God love you for your loving heart, other wise you would not have taken her in. And that in it's self is a testimony of your value. So don't let her put you down, and a person with that kind of heart is bound to have more friends that like you than you think!


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