Choosing a doctor when on Medicare and Medicaid.


Please correct me if I am wrong: I understand that a patient is on Medicare AND is newly approved on Medicaid so that he is then on both Medicare and Medicaid simultaneously he can still go to all of the doctors he had once gone to when he was on Medicare only and still be covered 100%. And Medicaid will pay all premiums for Medicare that he once himself paid when he was on Medicare only. With regard to doctor choice if he was only only Medicaid he would be able to go to Medicaid doctors only, if he wanted it be covered completely. Do I have that all correct?

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No, not necessarily. A doctor who will accept Medicare insurance may not accept Medicaid. That's the provider's choice. There are many aspects to Medicaid which are based on income. Maybe it will will cover everything Medicare didn't and maybe you have a portion to pay yourself, a "spend down". Best thing to do is read the Medicaid approval letter. Get help from the issuing agency if you still don't understand.

I found this article here on Aging Care regarding a person having both Medicare and Medicaid. Hope this helps. As you are reading the article and come across some advertisements, keep scrolling down for the rest of the article. Also, there were 17 comments from other writers regarding the article. You can find those next to the title of the article.