Dinzell here-no help found where I am. Thank you for answering me. I
did not know what this was and got admonished for being here. What I wanted from my parents was love and kindness. I cannot afford a lawyer in Australia but that was NOT why I came here. One poster literally told me to leave!How many times do you think I have been rejected now? Thank you to the kind people.

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The landing page on this website says exactly what it's about:
"Connecting families with in-home care, assisted living & caregiver support"

Unfortunately your 4+ postings have not been about caregiving. This is a forum for caregivers and receivers. You are neither. If you continue to post here you will continue to be disappointed. You want sympathy, not advice or wisdom. Maybe this will be helpful to you:

Everyone, including you, needs support. How about continue the conversation that was started

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