For Caregivers and Employers. For family friends and employees to consider seriously.
Before a person suffers from dementia symptoms there already existed character defects or personality traits which have caused conflict for someone.
After dementia symptoms begin to appear the old behaviors remain also.
It is vital not to expect double trouble is very possible especially when abusive relationships have already been a pattern with this person. We will continue to see victims where the abuser roams unless intervention is honestly and openly discussed with professionals. Dementia is not an excuse for caregivers or other residents living with this person must endure.
As for all other defects of character such as an addict would carry along, also expect evidence and situations that will arise. In this scenario AA offers support groups and I strongly advise taking these steps I order you as the caregiver do not lose your own sanity. Setting healthy boundaries is healthy and vital.
Now for all those who only suffer from bad habits that some just do not care for, these are the mild ones that we must accept and therefore educate ourselves with dementia.
I hope this discussion continues. behavior intervention and caregiver protection and rights are important also.

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