Mother takes cat naps all day long, but, don't ever accuse her of doing so, she will object vehemently. She will take up to an hour eating a meal because she drops her head, in the middle of chewing, stops chewing and just sits there. There are times when she chews something up[ to 50 times, I counted. No it was not tough meat, we grind it up for her. Vision a cow in her stall. Big bites, hardly, most of the time she fills her fork 1/4 full. When asked why, we get, "Cause I want to". Ask her to chew and swallow and she will say,"I am", loudly. Caretaker hair pulling optional. Feisty, you think?
If anyone else experiences this, check with their Dr. about some of their medications. One or more may have possible drowsiness as a side effect and could have the dosage reduced. Some of it may be due to the dementia but not all.
My Dad napped and she was all over him, now it's her turn. Difference is, he didn't care. Toned her out a lot. Her dog, Cassy , born 2 months after he died, does the same thing to her. Reincarnation and karma we figure.

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