The actress is 89. Among her famous contemporaries, only William Shatner, Ellen Burnstyn and Clint Eastwood have worked so long and so consistently in their careers.

Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad are amongst the finest at giving time to senior living on top of this. One recurring character lives in a facility.

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Hey Alva, I love how they portray Casa Tranquila, the senior facility where Hector Salamanca lives.

It comes off as so depressing to the layman. But I’m sitting there going hmm, private room, speech therapists who instantly respond, everyone fed and clean in the activity room, seniors having a professional bingo caller as part of said activities. Hector blew up himself and Gus as revenge, but one small part of that is that without the drug cartel money from his now dead relatives, he would probably not have as nice an existence.

Yeah, the show (and presumably the Breaking Bad universe) come to a conclusion four weeks from now.

Burnett traveled to an Albuquerque studio to do these scenes. Scenes including makeup can be over 12 hour days. She has to of course remember and deliver every line.

What would be epic is if they had Burnett in the conclusion deliver lines like “I’m so glad we had this time together. But it’s time to say so long.”

Interesting. Last season of the show is being shown now, so does that mean that she will show up in one of the last four episodes coming up. I think there is no other season coming after this, season 6 I think it is. And yes, the show is quite packed with elders! Which is a fun thing.

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