Hello, both of my parents are disabled due to strokes. My father is not able to communicate well due to the stroke. My mother has a hard time getting around due to her stroke. Recently, My mother had a bleeding ulcer and was hospitalized. Since then she is wetting the bed, fallen and unable to use her walker at all and is pretty much in her wheelchair 24/7. Both my parents are on disability for income and its under $2,500. Both of them smoke and drink constantly which is obviously effecting their health. Even after they both almost died from the drinking they continue to drink. They live in a trailer that is falling apart. my sisters and I need to get them out of the trailer and moved into some time of assisted living/rehab very soon. I am having a hard time finding resources in Wisconsin to contact. I know there are things out there! Any Suggestion would be great.

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Sorry to hear you're dealing with such a challenging situation. There are definitely resources out there for support and it's great that you're reaching out.

You may want to try calling Adult Protective Services, a county social service agency that gets involved when seniors are needing more care than they're getting (whether it's self-neglect or abuse). You could also call the local Area Agency on Aging for support: they have social workers and possibly case management to help you coordinate services. For list of some services in the area, go here:

Contact a social worker at your local hospital, sometimes they can give you direction. Also you can go in and talk with the administration and social worker with the nursing home or assisted living rehab center that you are considering. Hope this helps.

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