Caring for mom in the hospital, pissed at sibling.

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I know I'm singing a familiar tune. Mom is the in the hospital and I'm there to take care of things. Surprisingly my brother who can't be bothered to follow through with lunch plans with my parents asks how he can help. I say someone needs to baby sit grandma at home. He agrees. While calling him to keep him up to date on my mom's status and what the doctor had to say, he goes on a little speech questioning how the doctor would know anything and how I wasn't competent to deal with it. That set me off. He then left a couple of hours earlier than agreed which I didn't particularly mind since I wouldn't have to deal with him. The thing that pushed me over the edge was when I got home and found nothing done. After spending 12+ hours in the hospital I still had to come home to empty out grandma's commode et al. The capper was the overflowing trash can in the kitchen. The stuff on top that made it overflow was stuff he put in it. I'm pissed.


Yeah I’d be annoyed too. Your brother is a man. I don’t think men ‘see’ like women do. We see an overflowing trash can and have a natural urge to empty it. We can smell the fecund odor eminating from rotting vegetable peelings, the ugly aesthetic of garbage overflowing bothers us. Of course all men aren’t like this just as all women aren’t domestic but in general this is what I’ve observed.

Medical emergencies freak most men out and they will rant that doctors don’t know anything and we, as women, sure as hell don’t know anything! They’ll tell female family members who have Masters degrees in nursing that they don’t know anything. And yet females by right should be the caregiver of the sick and elderly.

This is just a trend I’ve noticed during my 60+ years on earth. I’m no feminist but I will attest to a difference in cognition in male and female humans. ;-)
I'm not so sure that it's a male/female thing. I've seen perfectly capable women seem helpless in some situations. lol Seriously, some people are capable of doing anything really and others can't manage much of anything. lol It's odd how it works out that way.
I'm a man. ;)
LOL, that's what we get when assume, huh.
NTWH, Lol, now That Was Funny!!!

There is no way around incompetent people, ya gotta do what you gotta do! Sorry he is making this even more stressful than nesassary!

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