Dad had one accident at home and then another one while out during the same week, then nothing since then. He gets very annoyed at the suggestion of wearing a Depends. How does incontinence go? Is this an isolated incident or does it start like this?

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Alisa, I sympathize. This is a delicate situation to deal with.

My mom started having "leaks", mostly at night, but kept trying to brush it off. On the same week that I went down to pack her up to move her up to my house she had an incident that I still can't bear to think about. That is when I realized there was no more tap-dancing around the subject. I had to just bring it up.

I got her the silhouette brand, which is more comfortable and less like wearing a diaper and told her...told her...that living around other people meant not spreading her bodily wastes around them or their environment. That may seem harsh, but you didn't see her furniture and I'm not going to live knee deep in poo.

These incidents often start small but rarely do they go away on their own. I can recommend the silhouettes for that issue as working pretty well. Being frank about it is generally the only way to get through to someone who doesn't want to admit there is an issue.

I should have specified that these were bowel episodes not urinary. He has never had a urinary incontinence issue.


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Hope this helps.

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