I would like to know everyone's feelings on taking care of an in-law if they have other children that could help with the care.

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Took care of wife when the children had no idea how bad she was untill she spent the night with one of her children, then they started with hunting nurseing home.. No one knows what a strain it is on spouce 74Yrs old. Untill they expeience it.

Time for a family discussion and a caregivers contract as it will only get worse. otherwise you will do it all and they will be reeping the benefits of an inheritance in the end after you did all the work. You're a great person to do this, take the high road regardless of what happens as your conscience will be clear. Good luck

My Motherinlaw lives with us and has for about 11 years. In Oct 2011 she had a mild stroke, became insulin dependent diabetic and then had to have a pacemaker put in.
Now since she has had these health issues we moved her back upstairs so we can wach and take care of her better. There is alot more responsibility for her meds, Dr appts, and she can not be left alone, cook for herself or do her finances so we do that too,.
There are two other children but they live in another state. They rarely call or support us in any way.
We know we are the ones who will have to continue to care for her and we are the ones who will make the hard decisions when we can not do it any more.
We are tired and frustrated. It isn't easy. I think if we could have decent converstation with the other two it would help just to be able to say Mom has this issue, we had to deal with this today, whatever it is they have NO idea of what I do all day plus taking care of her, my husband works fulltime, takes care of the yard,cars, house repairs and so on plus helps me with Mom where he can.
I have my own Mother who lives in Texas and she has her own health issues. She will not move here and I have a sister but their relationship is unpredictable that I can not ask my sister to take care of our Mom. She is there and has done alot over the years for her already. I just worry that when my Mom dies she may not even tell me that is how bad things are between us.
My Motherinlaw loves us and knows we are the ones who are looking out for her.
Take care.

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