We all found out my mother had stage 4 liver cancer and 1 sibling had been caring for her for 3 weeks and keeping us informed of doctor appts when we found out. It went down hill quickly and came on fast that 24 hr care was needed and hospice was called for consultation and accepted by all. Now the 1 that gave the care for 3 weeks is being very distant and will not let go of the fact that she was there and just move forward with the care she wants to run away from the situation. We have made a schedule for the 24 hr care and she removed herself I know she is hurting but not sure how to approach her she has yelled at other siblings in front of our ill mother which is very disrespectful help please we don't have much time.

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I have had so many people say that hospice is the best gift they gave their family and loved one. Even if you would rather keep her at home; once her doctor requests hospice they will do everything possible to make your family and your Mother as comfortable as possible. Please do not hesitate to get their help. God bless!

I completely understand the sibling issue as we have been dealing with that for 2 years. You have to do a bit of a detachment from having a Mommy to having an elderly Mother that needs your love and care. Some siblings just can't do the caregiving but can help you in other ways. Then others will just show up as entertainment once in awhile. It just is what it is but still difficult. Stay strong.

You are in such a terrible situation. It is never easy having to go through a death of a parent. Nevermind what it does to the relationships of the siblings. I have had somewhat of a similar situation with my dad passing away last December. He and my mom lived with us, he had bladder cancer and was gone in a matter of months. Hospice is the best thing that happened to our family, and I can't say enough about the care and support they gave not only to my father, but to us as a family. If your mom is in need of 24/7 care, as hard as it seems, a hospice facility is the best place for her. It takes the physical need for you and your siblings being the care giver out of the way. You and your family can just spend these precious last few moments with your mom.

I hope my story helps! Wishing you the best outcome possible, and stay strong for each other.

I was wondering if your mother could go to a hospice where she would receive care 24/7. I know how difficult this must be for you all. Also, there are elder care managers that you could find online. I have one, and she has been most helpful with sibling issues. I hope this helps and that you find a resolution quickly.

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