my grandparents live next door to me. my grandfather well be 92 the end of this month .and my grandmother is 84. my gfather has to give up his driver license tomorrow because he didnt pass his eye test . he's other wise very healthy .my grandmother has copd.parkson. etc and is on oxygen 24 only 49 and have a family of my own .my mother lives near by. and only comes may be every 4 months to see her parents . this year I have took care of my grandparents and my husband has prostate cancer ..I just wonder if their more grandkids taking care of their grandparents .I feel like my life has been put on hold to care for my grandparents siblings dont help or my mother ..sorry have to vent.

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Have your contacted a Home Health Care Provider to find out what services they could benefit from. Their doctor can give you names and order an evaluation. Medicare pays for most if not all of these services.

Find out what it would cost to hire someone to come in a few hours each day to do lite housekeeping and prepare meals. Tell your family what the grandparents" needs are and ask how much they are willing to contribute..either money or time. Families are interesting to say the least and unfortunately, many times they are no help at all. Some just need a job list and a push to help out.

Good luck!

renewingvows, I don't take care of grandparents, but I couldn't let your message slip off the list without some word to you. You are an angel to be there for them. Do you do things for them, like help them clean and take them to appointments? Often family does not help the cg. I don't know why. Is there a reason that your mother doesn't visit more often. Since you live next door, it seems she would be there to see you and them more often. Family can be hard to understand. My brother's wife visits about as often as your mother does. My brother visits even less often. I guess they think that we have it all covered, so they don't have to be worried with anything.

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