Losing loved one with no life insurance.

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Jodilove, I read your profile and I am confused. You mentioned that you are having serious health problems, had lost your job, and am now homeless. Am I reading that correctly, or were you writing about your finance?

Something just doesn't sound right. Normally whenever someone is in a hospital with a serious medical issue, before being discharged a Case Worker will meet with the patient. At that time it is discussed as to what to do next. Either Rehab or long-term-care facility. And Medicaid is discussed if one doesn't have health insurance or long-term-care insurance. Or not being old enough to have Medicare. Being homeless you should quality for Medicaid [which is different from Medicare].

I am also surprised that the hospital didn't bring in an Oncologist to see you while you are in the hospital, and to set up times to go to their infusion center within the hospital for chemo.

Please write back to help clarify all of this.

He lost his job so no, he has no insurance with his job.

So sorry. He has no insurance with his job?

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