I care for a 86 yr old lady i call Granny. I have known her for 20yrs. Granny lives by herself. Her Daughter lives about 30 feet from her. So we have talked about Granny living with me. Daughter is POA. But wants to have nothing to do with caring for her mother. It is very Sad. Granny has Earlier stages of Alzheimer's. She can not remember if she eat, she doesn't know what day it is, if you tkl to her on the phone she will call another 15 x cause she didn't remeber she called. Good Days bad days. I go over to her house everyday either we go out for breakfast or i make it. She is good with the general cleaning herself. Except for a bath or Shower. I do that. If she was to have an bathroom issue the Daughter will not help her get cleanded up. she either will call me or i smell it the next morning. Again. If Granny comes to live with me in my house what are my options

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Hi...welll I just read your dilema and YOU should be proud too! Especially being a non-relative. Very sad that family can't help and all one cares about is $$ My question to YOU would be are you asking about your options regarding how to be compensated or just in general help with her care? If you are looking to be compensated and there is a POA issue, the question would be whether "granny" has any access to money and seek legal advice if so. Can you get the Adult Protective Agency involved to intervene? this is the ONLY advocate for me...even though she really has no answers in my case, yours may be quite simple. Pooh pooh on the family....what a shameful SHAMEFUL thing! \\\\ Good luck!!!

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