My Mom with Dementia . Pooped her pants and than yelled at me to find out who would do that to her.

My Mom was convinced that the neighbors landscaper who speaks very little English was sent to pick her up to drive her to go out with friends. The poor man just kept trying to get her out of his truck.

Mom had a hallucination that my Dad who passed 13 years ago was in her bed and he was snoring keeping her awake. She wanted me to yell at him and put him in another room. When I told her there was no one there that she was dreaming Dad had passed away. She yelled at me …listen B-tch!
There is a dead guy in my bed and he is snoring get your -sss in there and get him out of my bed….lol

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Those were funny.

My Mom was in an AL. I was walking to go to her room when she came around the corner. I had stopped to talk to the Medtech. Mom said she was looking for the baby she heard crying. I told her there were not babies because it was only adults in the AL. She looked at the Medtech and said "If you tell me there are no babies I will believe you, but I don't believe her" pointing at me. The Medtech told her there were no babies and Mom walked away satisfied.

My MIL has a deep seated fear of mice in her house. She's lived there for 67 years and has never had one in the house, but sees them outside (because that's where they LIVE).

One day she saw a mouse on her deck and felt it was 'casing the place' for a way to get in.

She called me and asked me to get her a 50 lb bag of D con and come sprinkle it around the perimeter of her house to 'repel' the mice. I about fell off my chair I was laughing so hard. Tried to tell her that's NOT how D con works. She got mad at me and hung up and called everyone else in the family with the same request.

Plus, she told us all not to tell the other members of the family, as she was embarrassed by this crazy request. Heck, yeah, we talked about it!

Mom needed socks and I found a batch of 3 pairs that would fit, nice blues and blacks with leaf patterns. Well in the back of my mind those leaves looked very familiar but it wasn’t until a caretaker laughed, ‘ You know what those are, don’t you? ‘ and I realized I’d just bought my mom marijuana leaf socks.

Then mom asked what the pretty leaves were and I quipped, “ Poinsettias! It’s holiday themed! “ Well shoot they fit well so Mom is now rocking weed socks in the MC ,LOL

Your father is cordially invited to join my mum for a sleepover! She was commenting that her deceased husband is "down the road partying" and" needs someone to warm her bed"!
Let's play matchmaker!

You just have to take a deep breath and laugh.
My dad was shouting , " Beverage, Beverage, Beverage". I thought he was really in a dementia space....He was answering a Wheel of Fortune puzzle, and correctly.
Dear Lord, give us patience and grace and a great sense of humor!

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