We have 2 sick children.My daughter has Renal disease & my son is Autistic, that alot to deal with already. Usually he has been perfectly great &he loves my mom too. I do believe this stress led him to cheat, I say this because he has STD NOT FROM ME I HAVE NEVER BEEN WITH ANYONE ELSE. SO I have suspicious thoughts that he wS with a person I know she is a manipulating person who changes men like a pair of socks.I dont know what I am to do I have been a stay at home mom since my children were born. Im lost and im hating my husband for this. We dont deserve this. Can he get a Std any other way? Should I just grin & bear it? I just want to die! What can I give to my kids im nothing! All I have is my love, caring for them! Im humiliated beyond belief! Its dumb to say but he DOES loves me, & I love/HATE him.Mom adores him & keeps telling go tend to your husband sweetie kiss him... ugh...but she does not know of this.

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Back a couple weeks ago you posted a new discussion "Caregiving is draining my family especially me! I get resentful and I hate that, is it normal?". You might want to go back to that discussion as there were many excellent suggestions.

I apologize to freqflyer. I know there are excellent suggestions on this forum/discussions. I need to vent/whine that is very helpful. This is all I have at this moment for my mom, although I am getting a nurse now, yay! Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!

There is only one way to get an STD... he needs to see his Dr and SO do you. There is a chance he has given it to you. And you both need treatment. Only you can dicide what to do after that!

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