I have a friend who stopped talking to me a year and a half ago because when she and her husband broke up, my husband remained friends with her x and I didn't tell her they were for a really long time. However, there were 4 of us in our "group" and it is extremely difficult for me to separate the others from her right now. I tried to explain to my other friend that I am so emotionally unpredictable right now; My "filter" system is clogged so to speak. I need to have more room than usual to be bratty and stingy. Sometimes, I am so angry people, (My dad for not planning for any of this; my friend for "breaking up" with me) that I can't seem to handle it. (thank God for my amazing husband). with all the other stuff with moms alzheimers and my parents living with me and my family in my apartment "temporarily". and their finances and other affairs that are in dyer straights, i feel like I have no room for any extra pressure and that their friendship without me feels like a big one sometimes. It takes work for me to separate them and I feel like I am already working as hard as I can trying to deal with everything in my own home. I'm just not dealing with life so well these days. How do I stop feeling so "swallowed up" in my life..........and somewhat defeated. It is making me so unhappy...

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Maybe you should go to counseling, therapist, etc. Didn't fully understand your question about the friends.

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