Seem like it is 1 step forward and 3 steps back with mom. She was doing so good before had to go to hosp. and now she is weak again. She was suppose to go to Dr. next Wed but call today and taking her tomorrow. This being a caregiver is hard...don't know if it is the Dementia or what. I hate to say old age because she is only 72. Well I will know more tomorrow.

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Jeannegibbs, He did blood work on her today and urine test. I will know more when that comes back. But he said the same thing that the hospital stay has a lot to do with it. Said when came home from hosp that they were giving lot of steroids in her IV and that is why she was feeling so energetic when got home. But that only lasted one day. Now all she wants to do is sleep. He also gave her a B12 shot today, so that might help her some.

It is just so hard to watch her just lay there and not do anything. Or ask a question and she just looks at you and doesn't answer. I have to take her to her Neurologist on the 19th of this month and going to find out what stag she is in. Her never has told me that. All I do anymore is sit and read stuff on Dementia/Alz to see what I need to do and except.

You are right, Auntkiki, being a caregiver is hard, and dementia is heartbreaking.

A hospital stay is pretty well guaranteed to cause a decline in persons with dementia. Sometimes they will gradually recover to their former baseline, and sometimes it is a permanent decline. I hope her doctor can give you good advice regarding her weakness and how you can help her to recover some of her strength and energy.

Let us know how that appointment goes tomorrow.

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