Caregivers just need to vent daily.


I read so many of your post and questions & seems like alot of us are the same or at least in the same place. Lonely frustrated not much help from family & just need to vent daily..... I know I do If my MIL yells my name or (my sister n law) which isnt here so thats me to... to ask me what day it is to tell me she is sick or needs a pain pill IM going to scream & its only noon... Thank you for listening...

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Hope you get out and have fun tonight! I had some plans for today myself; however, my father said he was feeling so ill he thought he should go to the hospital. This is something he rarely says. Once I cancelled my plans though he made a miraculous recovery. I think I had the wool pulled over my eyes.
But how can we know for sure? Take advantage of your sitter and enjoy the night.

Thanks flyaway I hear you I know I just like to run to the yard and breath sometime then this morning she slept in & now complaining she is in pain & feels so bad she needs to go to dr. & if home health came today she wont want anything to do with them. UGH! I Hope today is better for you my brother in law is suppose to come tonight and sit with her I CANT WAIT!!!! Ill let you know if I survive havent been out in so long might not know how to act IF BIL shows up. THANKS FOR letting me vent!!!

Dear Tbailey,

I know how you are feeling. I understand your frustration. I care for my 89 year old dad who lives with me, or I should say I am living with him. I am single and I retired from a very good job last year because I could no longer work and take care of his daily needs at the same time. I now have virtually no social life. I now work part time (just a couple of days a week) to get out of the house and retain my sanity. He is forever finding something for me to do. I Can't sit down and rest for five minutes without him calling me to do something for him. I do so much for him on a daily basis. I just want one day to take care of things I need to take care of for myself. Siblings live out of town and he refuses a caregiver to come in even for a few hours because he says he doesn't trust anyone, he thinks everyone is out to steal money or something material from him. (he suffers from dementia and paranoia) There is so much I need to get done for myself and I keep putting it on the back burner because he is always coming up with something that urgently needs taken care of. I was just thinking I could either cry or scream I'm so frustrated. So, I can totally understand what you are going through. I hope your situation improves for you soon. I feel your pain.