Does anyone have a funny story to tell, something funny that they parent did or said? I'll start. My dad, age 94, was in rehab for 15 days after being hospitalized, and it was the night before he was going to be discharged. He was aware that he would be going to assisted living. He was on the phone talking to my uncle, in his 80's, and I could tell how the conversation was going. My dad announced to him that his rehab was complete, he had gotten his certificate, and that he would be leaving the next day and going to a halfway house. I told him not to be telling people that, especially people from the church, because halfway houses were for people who have drinking problems and I just laughed. He told me he had planned to share his dinner with me but he decided not to because I laughed at him. Last week he was talking to someone and told him that he lived in the rest home just over the hill. I told him he is living in assisted living, he calls it adjusted living. Well, ok, close. I'm the one that needs a rest home.....I would be happy with just some rest!!!

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I find it can be quite entertaining when visiting my dad with dementia , besides all the sad bits , I sit and watch him doing the bed making over and over again , I swear he never once made the bed at home for mum

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