I have an elderly mother who is demanding and self consumed. She lives alone and I am the main person that she relies on. This is such a difficult position to be in and every time I got out of my car at her house I would say out loud, "dear God help me." Well, I hope that I am not speaking too soon, brother took her to the doctor and I asked him to see if they would prescribe Prozac for her and bare in mind that I really do not like medication, except for a last resort. The doctor prescribed something similar and said that it works well for most senior citizens. It seems to have helped some (fingers crossed). Another thing that I found helped me when I was at my wits end was taking a day and designating it MY DAY. We all need something to look forward to and need a break. I picked Friday (my day off) and I do everything that makes me happy. I like crafts, walking on the beach, going to tag sales alone time, coffee and at night, bubble bath, tv and fresh fruit in bed. Sounds crazy, but I decided to spoil me!!! I leave the phone where I can not hear it and tell people if they have an emergency call 911 and send the cops to my house-people stopped driving me crazy that one day. :)The medicine for mom and the spoil me day is the only way that I kept from having a nervous break down. I hope all of you that are burned out try to spoil yourselves a little no matter what. We are of little good to others if we do not feel good ourselves.

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good for you Kathy!

I like it. I designate Friday Kathy day

I forgot to clarify that I do this every Friday for the most part and it is not just a one time thing. I know things can happen on that day, but we are foolish to think that we can control everything and fix the world. We count too :)

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