Caregivers behaving badly.

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Saturday I left Mom at home with my son watching her and went to a distillery tour and tasting. What was the bratty part? I invited Mom's weekday caregiver along and we had a girls day.... we agreed never to tell Mom.

Confession: I like her more than I like my mother. Much, much more.
Mom2Mom, Caregivers behaving badly welcomes you!
You are unique in finding a responsible way to act out (a synonym for taking care of your own needs for a change), not punishing your loved one but breaking free nonetheless! Hope you had a ton of fun!
This "Caregivers Behaving Badly" thread is going to be my late night go to place after a day's frustration.

Caregivers all, enjoy reading and posting!
I made a promise to myself that I wasn't going to nag my FIL to exercise, after he made great improvements with his exercises to build up more muscle tone with 8 weeks of PT, but it's so damned frustrating when you see days go by and no action on his part. So 2 days ago, I sort of flipantly mentioned to FIL, that I noticed he wasn't doing any "laps" around the house using his rollator (supposed to be 3 laps, 5 × a day), and I said kinda snidely, "ya know, your going to waste away all of that muscle you rebuilt during your 8 weeks of therapy", and he said that he was doing some, but that I was outside when he did them, but I laughed at his face, and told him "get real, you may have done one lap here or there, but not per the protocol they left you to do (as above) and if you waste away sitting around all day, your going to end up in a nursing home, as we aren't going to be able to take care of a bed bound patient, as both of us have bad backs an knees! Of course he wanted to argue with me, but now he has been walking around more in the last couple of days, just to spite me really! I feel like a person who has a little Angel on one shoulder, and a Devil on the other! Or mabe Devils on both shoulders! Lol! He gets all puffed up when he gets rilled up and angry! Teehee!
I'm going to call my FIL out, every time he calls his sons name just as he's walking in the door, usually from running an errand for him! "Give the poor guy a minutes break to take his coat of ffs, do you ever think of anyone other than yourself?" The answer is NO, as he is a Narcissistic A"***e! I'm finding myself biting my tongue more and more each day, as he becomes more and more pushy! It's so frustrating dealing with him! Ugg!
Rut-Row, me thinks that I al-beee apostin' on this heeeer'e Tred alott!! Well al-beee!!! Stace
My dear son asked me during a car ride. "Mom, do you think that when YiaYia goes 'to live on the farm' Carol (her daytime caregiver) will still be with us?". With this, we both realized that when Mom dies, we will be sad for half a minute but if Carol leaves us we will be devastated
You'll just have to adopt a new granny for Carol to look after..?
Lol It suddenly struck me funny when Sendme said I want someone to be bad with that sounded a lot like those spam e-mails you get sometimes. You know the ones. "Hot girl needs a bad buddy" LOL, LOL, LOL."
Iv'e served my husband moldy bread on purpose...Does this count?

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