Caregivers behaving badly.

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Forget going to memory care to tuck in mom - I'm going to in n out - that's what a hamburger is all about

Once you have real fries - yes they peel them there from real potatoes - there's no going back to frozen air spuds

It's the funniest place you've EVER been Send!
The men wear bloomers and the ladies just wear hats and on special occasions,a muu muu.Be sure to brind your dH and ofcourse,Everyone is invited.They have the best burgers you ever had and the heat is on in the summer and the A/C is on in the winter.The men in white will be coming to take you all away.Don't forget your sunscreen!

Is it really funny there, Luckylu? Would I be able to take all of my caregiving friends along for a rest, greatly deserved?
Do they have in n out there?
What about air conditioning, can I get that?
What age are the nice young men, not too young, I hope.
Do I get to wear a clean white gown too?
When are they arriving, or do I have to drive there too?
Is my dH invited?

To the Funny Farm Send
Where Life is beautiful all the time
And you'll be happy to see those nice young men
in their clean white gowns
And they're coming
to Take YOU away Ha Ha!

Behaving badly? Mwhahhahahaha, MWWUUAAHAHAHA, OOPS, was that one too many ha's?

Ooooh, so mean, discussing In-N-Out. There's nothing around here like them, and some foolish Chicagoans say that Johnny Rocket's is similar but I say it isn't.

I used to eat In-N-Out as often as 3 times a week in Nevada and California. Regular hamburger, extra lettuce, extra tomato, grilled onions. *sigh* They're just that good.

Steak N Shake is a midwest based chain, and their burgers and vanilla cokes go a small way to help my In-N-Out cravings. They have Chili Mac Supreme, too. Once in awhile, that's the best food on Earth. Never feels that good in my tummy afterwards. It's like a 5 way chili dish, a Cincinnati chili.

No substitutions please. It is part of the cult following aspect.
But the cult has 'animal-style', 'protein-style' and other specially prepared burgers, using the same ingredients.
Can I get fries with that? Yesssss!

Not telling all, Cwillie, but I will tell you.
My new job has expanded in duties and comes with a pay raise from zero to zero with more responsibilities. Titled now, the newer focus of my caregiving duties is "Supervised Employment Coordinator", involves more cooking-preparing lunches to go; more physical work-picking up duties of another; more driving-more gas, more expense; more thought, wise decisions, planning-cost vs. financial, physical, emotional, and benefit risk assessment; as well as monitoring the behaviors of the two persons affected by this happy change. Logging into a daily chart is involved, and knowing when to ask for assistance will be crucial. All this comes with a brand new schedule, early morning traffic, dinner is going to be late, eating on the run...but my hubs happiness and contentment will be worth it.

Me, however, feel like I am in shock and so very tired but cannot rest.
Thanks for asking. And I am serious about the maniacal spelling, anyone?
They're coming to take me away, ha ha, ho ho, tee hee! ???

Proper chocolate milkshake. Mmmmmm :)

No wait! Coke float! Can I get a coke float there? If so I will get in the car and drive the 130 miles for it next time they pop up.

If I can still fit my rapidly spreading behind in the car, that is.

Cwillie, Thanks for that, but could you tell me how to spell trolls correctly?
Also, I need to learn how to spell maniacal laughter, because most people on here just use "tee hee", or "he, he", and I wanted to be more straightforward and transparent than that. Not looking for one word answers or short snickers. Santa's ho ho ho won't do either, because it is so close to halloween. Can you please help me? OR , maybe I should just run off and open a new thread, like all the trolls here have been doing?