I'm taking care of my Mother with Temporal Lobe Dementia, looking for people going through the same things as myself. It does get overwhelming, the other night my Husband and i went out to dinner and left her in good hands, she was unhappy and asked me if i was sick of her. Talk about guilt i'm doing my best but just needed a few hours to myself, i was only gone a few hours and she was asleep when i returned.

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Hang in there! Everyday is a new one with new challenges! How you adapt to these changes can help keep you sane!

Thank You. i'm learning to go with the flow and let things go but it can be difficult.

One thing I have learned after 7 years at this, don't let the guilt get to you! Do the best you can and be able to live with that or you are in for some very hard times. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. My sibs asked me to leave my job to care for Mom, 5 years ago, with the understanding they would help and give me breaks when needed. Five years later I am still caring for Mom who has PD and dementia. I rarely hear from or see my sibs anymore. I have let go of my anger towards them for abandoning me and Mom a long time ago. One less thing to add stress I don't need! She is in a wheelchair and can no longer wash, dress, or feed herself. Since she has this new high tech wheelchair, it has become a bit easier as I no longer have to worry about her tipping it over or getting into trouble. It has a huge tray that wraps around her sides and helps her to sit up straight when she is tired. I also have her in adult daycare 4 days a week from 9-3, as I could no longer have paid help here every day, due to her LTC being used up in the past 4 years.
There will be good days and probably lots more bad days, so learning to go with the flow (way easier said than done!) helps me get through this.
I read on another thread that you are planning to sell the electronic pill dispenser. DON'T!!!! You will need it to remind you when mom needs her meds. Many things will distract you and you will be tired, so it is a lifesaver. I know because I have one for Mom and it reminds me and the paid caregiver when Mom is distracting us with one of her "days".
This site is full of wonderful caregivers and everyone is so helpful when you need them. Don't be afraid to ask questions and don't be put off if you don't like the answers you get. Most of us are over tired and over stressed and sometimes it shows in our comments, but we are all here because this site works and is a lifesaver for caregivers!

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