I'm really working on improving my health by changing my attitude, lifestyle, the people (I allow) in my life, etc... Even if it's one tiny step at a time... (Of course some times with set-backs ...) Recently, I discovered another site I want to share with you: wellness. Please check it out. What are you doing to take care of yourself now and in your future? How are you doing?... Because, I care about you (and me)... You are a wonderful person and soul that deserves health and happiness on this journey.

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I'm with freqflyer on this. I am learning what I need to say no to for my own sanity and well being. I'm also learning that I don't need any one else to approve of or give me permission to do that.

Well, Aging Care website questions/answers gave me the courage to say *no* to some of the things that my parents were asking me to do.

For years I use to go get 20 bags of mulch for my parent's house, no big deal, it all fit in my Jeep and I use to carry it to the backyard. Well last year I finally had to say *no* because I was diagnosed with a heart condition. Dad kept hinting every week about mulch. He said the guys at Home Depot could put the mulch in my Jeep.... I said to Dad "well, Dad, I can't bring the guys home to unload the mulch" :P I stuck to my guns, didn't budge, he never got his mulch.

Plus I am trying to find more humor in how my parents think... they can say the craziest things at times, and many times it is like all common sense is thrown out the windows.

One thing I will dig my heels on, I refuse to stop my career.... it gives me sanity plus I am around other people of all different age groups. I am so glad I never resigned :)

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