OMG.......I'm soooooo beside myself, scared, confused.


My mother in these last 2 days have changed from night to day. She is finally scheduled for a d & c on Friday, which was time consuming to get a clearance for. Last week she started the shakey hands and the off balance, and falling. Now she is seeing people, talking and laughing with people, talking to herself, doesn't make sense at all. I know about UTI's but today was her last dose of antibiotics that she has been taking for last 7 days. She has changed 180 degrees. Doesn't want to sleep. Has been up for 2 days and I have given her serequel which is PRN(as needed). she was in my bedroom at 3a.m. anouncing that she has to use the bathroom. She is totally confused and I just spoke to her primary doctor and she said that it is just part of dementia. Called her phsychiatrtist and he wont be in office all week. It has taken me almost 3 weeks to get a clearance for her op and in 3 days she is having it and now this. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO. I'm so scared for her and I have never experienced this before (well with a UTI) but not this drastic. Anyone have any info on this drastic change and if it just something that will pass because I'm afraid of what is happening to my MOTHER. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON.... Now I dont want her to have a D & C. her pcp wanted me to talk to her surgeon about just giving my mom a total hysterectomy but the D & C is bad enough. I think the hysterectomy is more major and don't know if it is worth it. ANY INFO PLEASE...........

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Thank you ArmyWife, for explaining the process so nicely!

Any time medical interventions are needed, it can be a hard choice what to do.
Using less invasive things, is usually good, if not for quality of life, then for avoiding more serious things that can cause more problems.

MMendez, so glad surgery she had seems to be working out OK, so far!
Hope it keeps working well...and her behaviors stay simmered down.

A D&C can really resolve much.
I, too, resolved to avoid male Docs ever again, as long as possible!
A D&C might cause menses to stop entirely, too.
If fibroids are removed at same time, and maybe clean out some endometriosis, it can also get rid of much pain.

Infections, leaking parts, or pain, in an elder who cannot identify or deal with it, can cause behavior issues, as well as medication issues.

Maybe I am slipping a cog, but did someone mention "mesh repairs"??
[[maybe I have that on the brain...]]
[[soap-box here]]
PLEASE question when a Doc plans to do repairs using a "mesh patch/sling/plug" of either man-made or cadaver materials.
IN THEORY, these should be a godsend for doing repairs--for some, they are. It is a total gamble.
IN REALITY, thousands of people have had YEARS/lifetime of terrible adverse effects.
My DH has to live with an open, draining abdominal wound the rest of his life, due to 3 mesh hernia repairs gone horribly wrong--and his is a fairly "tame" problem.
An elderly neighbor lives in constant pain, constant leaking from bladder, has had repeated corrective surgeries for bladder sling mesh-mess, and gone from independent to almost impossible to move about her house in the space of a few years. Her meds are a nightmare, as the Docs keep using meds to make results of the mesh repairs "work" for her.
Another friend had a mesh sling to help a prolapsed uterus, again with miserable, life-long adverse results.

KNOWING as people age, side effects are more, and harder to deal with, knowing elders have a harder time figuring out or recognizing what's wrong,
WHY does medicine keep doing things that keep making problems worse?
IMHO, it seems failure to consider the Risk: benefit ratio, in context to the vulnerable person in front of them, and considering maintaining "quality of life".
Sometimes, those choices are really, really hard to make.
But when the results go well? priceless!

For what it's worth, If this was my mother I would know that she was simply scared to death of the D&C. And this is how it manifests. My mother goes over stuff like this in her head until she is completely unmanageable. I guess it's her subconscious trying to get away from the fear. Tell her you canceled the D&C then see if the symptoms get any better. (My mother was over anxious about her cataract surgery....mentally she just couldn't handle it...and to date says she is going to do it....but never will) She's 80 and has dementia.

Good news!!! Just saw your new post. Hang in there!!!! Your Mom is blessed to have you!!!

Seroquel.... I agree it knocks Mom out, I call it the happy pill, "it took the Wicked Witch away" it crushed that Witch, like Dorothy's house. It brought The Good Witch to the munchkin land ....but ....The other Evil Witch is watching for a vulnerable moment to appear and take over.
Mom is all the Witches, The first Witch... that's the one that is no longer there.... Mom before Dementia, the Good Witch.... This is Mom on Seroquel.... the Ruby Slippers (no place like home) she want to be there but needs help getting there, Mom's personality, as known her before Dementia, The Evil Mom not on the Seroquel, but with still living with Dementia.
I have seen this all happen to my Mom because at one point she was like a new woman on the Seroquel it was like magic. Then.... as I said earlier Mom ditched her pills, and she got all sorts of weird, not sleeping, not dressing, not showering etc. Prior to her NH.
At the nursing home they said they had to ween her off, I warned them the Evil witch will come out. They didn't believe me, because Mom was sweet to them, but I noticed her decline and that's because, "I" know my Mom, they didn't see the change that I saw clearly. I had meetings with staff told the Dr's etc., they said it was OK it's just you that she is mean to. I didn't care what she was saying to me, I knew she was ill. I just wanted her happy. I explained that I do not want you do drug her if she doesn't need it, but you'll be the ones that have to deal with her when "the other Mom" comes back. So they weren't comprehending and insisted that this is a rule that it could be harmful to take Seroquel and to keep increasing the dosage was harmful, so they need to reduce the dosage. So I thought to myself ... they will only understand if they see for themselves, so I let it ride, knowing Mom will eventually show them what I was trying to tell them..... Let them learn the hard way!!!! Well... one day I get a call "your Mom is not acting right she's not conforming to things as she was before, her behavior has changed Drastically...., she wont sleep, wont dress, wont shower etc. What do we do?" LOL ..... I had to say "I told you so!"
I spoke to her Psychiatric doctor and she explained about why the weening was necessary. It is not good for any med like that to be taken long term, increasing dosage would be necessary, because it won't work after awhile at same dosage, and increasing dose is not good for the liver and brain, long term. So after discussing this fully with the psych Dr. we came up with a plan. I explained my Mom's personality and told the Dr the things that make her happy so when she had a conversation with Mom to evaluate her she'd understand my Mom's inner self. I explained how the Seroquel brought her back, loss of memory still existed but still like the Mom I knew.
Then I urged to do something that would be a solution without harming Mom. The Dr understood I was just looking out for Mom's quality of life not trying to fix the Dementia. So she is still on the Seroquel they increase SLIGHTLY and decrease SLIGHTLY (over months of time ) monitoring closely conjunction with a mild anti anxiety med. Zoloft. I make sure If I see a sign of Mom's behavioral change I have the nurses log it so that the Dr's see it and it's noted. This seems to work perfectly and Mom is happy as the "Good Witch".... well she's at least comfortable where she is and no trouble with her daily needs. Although... I think she's stuck in munchkin land, but at least the Wicked Witch is Dead and doesn't bother anyone anymore!!! The munchkins steal her things but at least she's clean and eating and signs and dances.
I am telling you all this because it is important you understand that the various changes in personality are effected by this type medication. Long term is harmful to health and can create behavioral changes that are caused by dementia. At first I thought it was a easy fix but I have learned that it is a fragile part of Mom's new routine, that if not handled carefully, can cause a lot of change in her health and behavior!!!

I am glad to hear she is doing ok. Like I said, just keep a check on her and make sure she does not run a temp (despite having been on antibiotics, they will only last so long in her system after her last dose.) If she is bleeding at all, give her pads to wear... Even if they are Poise pads. Let us know how she is doing tomorrow ok??? Keep her fluids going! Hugs!

My mom is at home and safe. She survived the op and she is just sleeping mostly probably from the anesthesia. But she hasn't acted crazy but she doesn't want to talk either. Just yes and no answers. She seems very distant but like I said maybe just the affects of todays events. Dr. said he did not see nothing unusual no polyps and was clear but still took some tissue for biopsy. It too about 15 min and we were home within a couple of hours after the op. She had to urinate before we left but so far she seems very quiet, not really responding with words, so they said it would be 24 hours before anesthisia will get out of her system. So I'm anticipating her reactions tomorrow. Im praying she will just be her calm self. Thank You All for all your prayers. This has been a scarey situation for me and I am just thankful it is over. HUGS TO ALL AND MANY THANK YOU'S. My heart is content with soo much compassion from everyone.

Sweetie, deep breath. I have gone through three dncs. The last two with abaltion. That last part is a mesh that is inserted into the area to help cauterize the area of little bleeds, and basically give you new layer of cells which helps even out issues sometimes. It did in my case, however a few years later, I have pain issues from scar tissue. My ob/gyn had no clue what he was doing according to my PCP who is female. I swear I will never have another male OB/GYN. Oh and another thing, I have been pregnant 7 times and miscarried 7 times. No children and never made it past the first tri-mester. I have a few issues but none told to me by my OB/GYN that would cause me to do this. Once again, male. Anyway, the dnc with ablation helped control my breakthrough bleeding to the point of not having a period for nearly a year. It is a very short procedure. Typically takes 15 -25 minutes, and you have to be in recovery for approximately an hour while they access you to make sure you are stable to go home. You are up, moving around within a day or two. You may have some bleeding which is normal and it will diminish over the next couple of days. I had hardly any after the first day, but then I have a protein s and c condition which has me clotting more easily than other people. They will give her some pain meds, and have her come in (probably two weeks) for a checkup to make sure she is healing ok. If she has any discharge or excessive bleeding more so than a period for any of that time, get her back in to see the doc asap. Infection has set in or she is having complications and may need steriods to get the bleeding under control. It is rare that this happens, but it can. I am a medical assistant/phlebotomist and former Navy medic. Been there, done that and seen most everything. LOL! The shakiness can actually be a side effect of the antibiotic and/or a reaction to it and it mixing with her other meds. It can be a side effect of Seroquel. it sounds like she needs to be on an antipsychotic like Zyprexa. Oh and I am not sure how long she was on the Seroquel, but keep this in mind... Temporary withdrawal symptoms including insomnia, agitation, psychosis, and motor disorders may occur during dosage reduction of meds, and can be mistaken for a return of the underlying condition. I would call her PCP and tell him/her about her symptoms of the shakiness and ask their opinion since her psych is not available. They may or may not have you increase or lessen her dosage of meds to see if her symptoms subside at all. Especially since she is dealing with insomnia and she will endure shakiness (I know I do after being up two solid days with no sleep and have done so many times in excess of four days up straight.) Your body has a difficult time handling lack of down time. Sleep deprivation can cause a myriad of similar symptoms as paranoia, psychotic tendencies, etc. Call the doc and ask them. They will be better equipped and might pull her in before her surgery. But they do need to know! Hugs!

Serious Side Effects

Occasionally, Seroquel can cause serious adverse reactions such as panic attacks, feeling hostile, impulsive behavior, uneven heartbeats, uncontrolled movements, sudden numbness on one side of the body, problems with speech, balance problems, loss of coordination, or thoughts of suicide. If you have any of these serious side effects, contact your doctor immediately

Seroquel is prescribed "off label" for people with Alzheimers. My mom's doc told us that up to 400 mg a day are prescribed for those with Alzheimer's and other dementias. Off label means that they have found the drug useful for dementia but it is not what the drug was designed and manufactured for. Seroquel has been very helpful with my mom and helps with the sundowning. While taking it she settles down much more easily and sleeps much better. Seven and a half mg, is not very much at all, but maybe she is having an allergic reation to it or something.

Hope all went well today. How old is your mom?

she is on half of a 15mg so she is taking about 7 and a half mg. I was reading on seroquel and it is for skitsofrinics(however you spell it) and phsychosis. I know the dosage is way more like 300-500mg but still wow. That seems crazy for me. But talked to the doc about D & C and it is not gonna be that intense they are just going in to get a biopsy so its not like a regular one where they scrape the whole inside. She will be in there at 7 s.m. Sooooo.................. Update tomorrow. Keep your prayers coming my way cuz Im gonna need them. Lord Help Me Through This AMEN

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