Does it have a nice ring to it? It's just an idea that came to me after reading so many stories, and episodes of caregiver burn-out since coming to this sight. Many of the comments, and questions are from family members and adult children needing some relief or time away from the daily grind of caring for their parents. I have read about so many having failing health issues themselves.
So here's my idea:
I know that the majority of family caregivers can not afford to pay for professional or licensed caregivers. It's costly, and not something a lot of insurance or Medicare covers. So, I was thinking, why not have a National Fund to cover these costs. There are so many ways to raise funds for a non-profit, good cause like this. Also, a nominal donation could be made yearly or quarterly by the family caregivers themselves. It would be sort of a "pool" of funding available for those who can not afford to pay for this much needed break. The family Caregivers could hire a professional Caregiver themselves, or a national database could form to make referrals for reliable, good relief caregivers. The idea being that there is relief provided for those needing it, but cannot afford it.
So many issues would have to be ironed out. But, I'm confident that many professionals who also care for their elderly parents would contribute their expertise, I.e. Marketing Professionals, Legal Professionals, Accounting, and Non-Profit Administrators, etc. to help make this a realization. I motivated for this, and would love to hear what input you have. It's just a dream right now. But, with the right people and commitment, this could come full circle, and give family caregivers hope before feeling abandoned, burned out, adjust giving up.

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It's a wonderful dream and would be ideal!

The best we have now is the National Family Caregivers Support Program, which is different in every state. Some states do offer a limited amount of respite care but it's not always easy to locatel. If people type the name of their state into their browser and add "aging" they should get a list of links pertinent to their search. Look for a version of the NFCSP. That could lead to some respite care for now.

However, as you have said. Much more needs to be done. We need people like you with vision.
Take care,

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