I am so confused. My Mother had an aide from Council on Aging for 3 years, with here Male friend. I was here last year and I know their liars and thieves. I worked in Real Estate and walked in to these situations several times. Elderly have Allhimers, family live distant areas,where they arn't aware of parents illness and can't keep track of the deteation of their parents minds, and environment. This tag team ( aide and friend) have convinced My Mother there her friends and she's given them, or they've stolen from her. My Moms dressers and cedar chest, closets were packed solid with collectables. There empty now. I come home to a stinky mess. The aide was here on Tuesday to clean and friend to shop.Wed. Evening My Mom fainted and life alert took her to Hospital With Flu and Pneumonia. I talk to her 3 times a day. I knew she was sick, but she said it was just a head cold. I was here three days later. incontenite pads used and reused in bath tub. House was a mess. I have worked endlessly since Jan 20. Trying to get things decent. She has an attachment to cardboard and Wallmart plastic bags. Containers, on and on. Her Garage is full of animal fescus, and junk. We've had some arguments. At first I tried to reason with her. Reasoning don't work. I gave her a bath, first in 5 years, she did bird baths.She pushed the alert button. Drenched me with shower hose.Her aide and friend visited her yesterday. I stayed in my room. She took a long nap.i started cleaning discusting shed. She got up in a hateful mood.what did those people tell her? And when she saw was in trash area, she was livid, mean, nasty, calling police. This Aide is 40, blond, slim attractive, her Male older friend was a business owner, and does swap meet selling now. I've witnessed them conniving Mom out of things. I'm ready to fly home and forget I have a Mother. REALLY. This is affecting my 70.

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Sounds like there are Health Code violations if there is feces around the house, call the City Health Department or Social Services. I'm not sure which one, maybe both! Also contact the aides' supervisor, they either aren't doing their job or there is too much work for them to do (or both). What a shame that taxpayer dollars are being wasted on these 2 aides. The lady would be much better served in a facility or group home.

Suegirl, there comes a time where one's parent can no longer live in their own home. Now that your mother is in the hospital, and probably will go to rehab to regain her strength, it would be a good time for her to move to either assistant living [if she can afford it] or to a nursing home with Medicaid helping with the cost.

Your Mom could have a bit of dementia at her age... as for the collectibles missing, with memory issues it is not uncommon for the patient to give away things. If you knew they were "liars and thieves" last year, why were they allowed to keep on helping your mother?

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