Today my MIL is suppose to go to adult daycare. She did not sleep well and it was obvious but I tried to be optimistic and do what we do every morning before breakfast and then I turned around and she looked I asked her what was wrong she said "I don't feel well" that is my que she isn't going to daycare.......ugh...........
I look forward to the two days a week she goes to daycare, I run errands, clean house, see my friends, swim, etc............
today all that has to be rearranged, changed, rescheduled or just not done.
I am not a selfish person but sometimes I feel that I just give into her. Am I?
She has serious health issues and we have weaned her off one of her sleep meds because the Neurologist believes it is what is causing her to forget so much lately.....
Tomorrow it will be one year since she had her ischemic stroke. One year has passed....... wow.
Am I helping her or hurting her? When she goes to daycare she is with other people her age, does some activities, and gets out of her room just watching tv.
Well I have already calmed down some...... lately I have been getting heardaches and that is not usual for me..... I am tired too.
The daycare is having a prom next Friday and she doesn't want to go. I had planned on her going because I had already made a committment to my daughter to help her volunteer for the special olympics. She is not going to the prom because I don't want her to be so adjatated and upset. She snapped at me the other day suggesting we go get her hair done the day before.
Now I am having to find someone to help me with her since I can't be there.... hubby can't take off because he is saving all the time he can for her knee surgery next month.
It will all work is just stressful right now before it gets all worked out.
I hope everyone has a good day.
Take care of yourselves.....


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Frustrated, why don't you just find someone that can sit with your mother-in-law, on the days that she either doesn't want to or can't go to her senior thing? I know on that website I was able to tell them exactly what/when/how I wanted to work. And one of the things that I said 'NO' to, is anything poop related, but I digress... There must be people out there that will help you out on the spur of a moment I'm thinking. It doesn't have to be that particular website of course, but that's the one that I found. Look around, find someone that can fill in for you so you can do your thing when she doesn't want to do her thing. And don't make a grown old lady go to a 'prom' will ya? ♥

My husband went to an adult day program three times a week for about three years. I know what you mean about being disappointed and frustrated when they can't go. And of course they only get sick on days when you have plans that are hard to change! I always knew it wasn't his fault, but that didn't stop me from being unhappy about it.

I'm glad venting about it helps. Hang in there!

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