Took my folks to a baby shower yesterday... they are expecting their first great grandchild. They were totally wiped out and stayed in bed most of the day today. My dad told me they it was a boost to him emotionally to see his whole family and talk to friends.

We are a bit isolated living in the middle of nowhere so we don't get many visitors. My folks are not always up to going out, but we do go a few times a week. It's always a production with wheel chair, walker, electric shopping carts, parking and lifting (mom has mobility issues)... wow I get so worn out. Dad does drive but recently told me he does not feel safe driving alone... truth be told he is often too weak to.

I have to constantly remind myself to be patient, especially when I'm exhausted from secular work. It's worth it to see them engaged in life and finding some happiness. I worry about them when I'm not home, but we stay in touch by phone. I am also free to run home from work if I need to.

I have read so many experiences on this site, I just would like to hear something positive and encouraging. The stress of being constantly 'on call' wears on me but I take on this role willingly.

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I hope you have a relaxing time..It's been cold her in MA but today is sunny and warming up..Sunshine always makes me feel better..

A huge thank you for your kind words. It's good to know there are folks who DO understand. Nothing like a good nights sleep to help me feel revived and get some perspective. I do enjoy my garden and like to write. Little things give me the greatest pleasure. Today I will leave for a few hours for a picnic with my brother's family. Though we had frost last night, it's not going to snow... woohoo! Got to love upstate.

I hope you can find some alone time, out of the house,,Even if it's an hour a day..I know it makes a world of difference to me...I'm glad your parents enjoyed their time out, but you need your own time..

Yes, I relate to that exhaustion quite well...

You said, "I take on this role WILLINGLY."

THAT is what counts and what makes it quality. That you are WILLING.
Your heart is in it.

You are GIVING for the sake of GIVING and because of LOVE.

I suspect that what you give them with your time is probably way beyond patient understanding (although inside you have all manner of emotions, outwardly all they see is patience and love...that's what I'm *getting* when I tune into you about this). I think that you are providing them much joy and your time and efforts are even more of a gift than you can imagine. You are doing worlds of good for those two people and they are luckier than most in that they can still enjoy such activities and have someone who is WILLING to make them possible to enjoy them safely.

I know what you mean about your care for your parents wearing you out. When I take my mom out and come back home, I walk in the door and drop everything (often her laundry and recycling and other stuff I've brought from her place that I need to deal with). It may sit there in my entry way for two days, until I feel like I can deal with it. It's emotionally draining, along with physically draining. So I'm right there with you. The good thing is, when I can get my mom out, she gets such a mental lift that her joy and happiness helps me feel happy myself. So I am glad I can give her that pleasure. I just have to take some time to recover myself. :) So hugs to you...

I just saw two toddler robin birds fly the coup today. It made me happy. Their little fluffy feathers all askew. Hopping more than flying. It was sweet. Life is sweet. It is hard and tiring, as you know, but there are baby birds and gentle breezes. And little mysterious pink flowers that blooms in my flower pot outside though I did not plant them. Grab onto the small things--the rainbows and the wild flowers. Cherish warm rain and strangers' smiles. Life is beautiful. It really is. Just sometimes we need to be reminded.

Just by you writing and venting is very positive to me,,my dear wife doesn't know anything about omputers or tablets or iPhones,yet she old me when I was crying about my iPad not working says maybe it has a virus! Hugs to you for what you do

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