I just need to vent.


I truly try to look for the humor in caring for my mom, but I have to admit that today I am finding nothing but the feeling of being alone.

My mom thinks she remembers everything without a problem and denies there is anything wrong with her other than her permanent broken leg. My mom wants to tell me what to do and my hop to it even though it could cause her to get hurt. Today at the doctor's office she even said phooey to the Alzheimer's and that I just needed to do what she said. Mom now has bronchitis on top of everything.

My husband's mother died from vascular dementia but he was not her caregiver and only saw her a couple of times a month. So I get to hear about his few experiences with her, but he gives me no emotional support. He has trouble even connecting the situation in his own head that here is an adult that should behave better and he can't get why she does what she does.

Then my oldest sister that lives in town, wants to be the controlling boss but doesn't want to sit with my mom so my husband and I can have time alone. If she does, she keeps calling wanting to know how long it will be before we return. We even go when my mom takes her nap, so my sister doesn't have to lift a finger.

We are planning one last cruise for my mom because she likes those kinds of things. I don't think she will be able to go next year because of her behavior issues that are developing into bigger issues. While we are going out of town, my older sister is inviting a bunch of people to town and I know she is going to want them to stay at our mom's home. I pick up the expenses because mom's money doesn't go that far.

I have to sit and listen to how I make the most the money, then I have to listen to how they can't do things for whatever excuse it is this week, and then it is a free for all at mom's.

I found myself having a discussion with my mom today that I walked away from going, why did I even try. The discussion was over her remembering and forgetting things. I walked off telling myself that I was the idiot in that conversation.

I just feel very frustrated and normally, I can keep those feelings at bay and focus on the humor, but it seems today that everyone around is in their own universe leaving me to wonder if I missed something.

I swear family will be the death of me, I sent an email out to my siblings giving them updates and I recommended they read up on the stages of Alzheimer's because we have a new normal with mom. I think I have 2 siblings that are in denial and clueless, I have one sister that does try to help from a far, but the others it is a lost cause.

Thanks for listening, I just needed to let some steam off because I know there are many in this group that understand what it is like to watch a parent not be your parent. I am not even sure who my mom is right now, but she is not the same woman that raised me and moves farther away everyday.

Thanks for listening and for all of you 24/7 caregivers, May God Bless, you are the best in my book.

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Let it out sister, Let it out!!!

dkjellander / Donna, Vent Away Here Anytime! It's so much better to let it out here, keeping it all in is no good, and trying to express what it's like to anyone unless they have done it is more frustrating because they think your complaining and don't want to hear it, "family, friends" I as most of us here have found out the hard way.... are just other "f" words.
By the way if you misunderstood my post ...Mom hasn't left physically yet, she is doing very well due to my attention and the great staff at the NH. In fact she told me one day "they aren't taking me anywhere yet".... at the same time she expressed that, she made it clear by gesturing... kicking her foot up like she was aiming at someones behind! I guess she'll only go when she is ready not before that, she's going to put up a fight!!!
During a meeting at the NH with the social worker, activities pro, nurse, dietitian I was asked to sign a DNR I told them for what I think that is between God and Mom. The activities girl elbowed the SWer and said no need for that yet her MOM is in great shape. My Mom managed to break out of the nursing home the second day, she removed the alert bracelet and took off. I urged them of her trickiness and sharpness of fooling people to et what she wanted. They said "don't worry she'll never get out." I'm warned them!!! I laughed to myself...gave them a photo of her and said OK when she "does" you'll need this and told them the police in town know her well!!! Eventually the staff understood that I knew my Mom's behaviors and started working with what I said, and stopped thinking they were too smart and knew better. In fact they use my ideas now.

Funnierthanme, there are some of those parents and in-laws that you think are going to outlive everyone. I think my mom is the same way, she survived a pacemaker and a rare form of breast cancer 5 years, but the broken leg and Alzheimer's are what have knocked her down.

Hopefully, when your MIL comes home, you husband will step up to the plate. Have you discussed it with him since she has been in the home?

dkjellander, I did misunderstand and if I had re-read the original post, I would have realized that. I apologize for that. I understand now. I can see that you might feel you are sitting on a time bomb waiting for the next situation. I know my MIL will be coming home from the nursing home. She is there right now only to give me respite from her. Honestly, I was about to walk out of my husband's life if I had to continue in the situation as it was. It was really nice to know I didn't have to. But, I'm not sure if he places me first, or if he just couldn't figure out how to find the time to feed the dogs, cats, fish, goats, mow the lawn, do laundry, iron clothes, cook, make beds, clean house, etc., and still work fulltime.

I'm already beginning to dread the day she will return and she's been gone only 16 days. She's 93 and no-one would ever know it. I believe she will out-live me.

Funnierthanme, just to be clear my husband's mother passed away before we met, I am caring for my mom. My husband does try to help with my mom, but he wants to take on all of the hyprocrits and depending upon the day he doesn't want to listen. He wants to just go into a battle versus just listening to me.

My mom weighs about 200 pounds so she is not light, worst yet she can't walk due to a broken leg that isn't going to heal.

My husband's dad is still alive and I figure he will be our next care giving situation. I worry about his dad aging, because I have been told that men can get really mean.

Been there, done that, huh? It just isn't fair. But your husband is lucky he has you. It sounds funny (odd funny) to say it, but I was lucky that my Mom died when she was 59. She was an alcoholic and died of liver failure. My Dad died in another state. I didn't have to go through any of this with either of my parents, so when my husband "dumped" his Mom on me, it was a total surprise and even though she weighed ll5 lbs, it feels like he dumped a ton of bricks in my lap. Much like your husband did you, I imagine. He promised his Dad he would take care of his Mom, but it was you that carries out the promise. God bless you for what you do.

Funnierthanme, we have something in common my husband is an only child as well. I have 3 siblings, two that live far away and one that lives nearby. The one that lives nearby has an excuse for everything. She says if it wasn't for this or that she would do more. I asked her to sit with my mom today, so I didn't take her out into the cold. My mom has bronchitis and needs rest. You would have thought I was killing my sibling by asking for 2 hours of her time. And just so you know she called me about 10 minutes before the 2 hours was up to make sure I was on my way back.

On top of my siblings, my mom has about 3 brothers and 5 sisters, of which some of them give me a hard time as well. This doesn't count cousins that have given me crap as well. Most of the time, I can shake my head and shake it off.

Some day's it is hard to figure out if one should laugh or cry about the crazy things one encounters.

All I can say it is easier to manage a corporate budget and employees than to handle family situations and drama. :-)

dk, my husband is an only child, but has many cousins who think their prescious aunt is God's gift to the world. They have even said they would help, me "if only they could". When I have asked them to make good on their word and just come to visit her--just a visit would do, not babysit or contribute money or anything else. They can't even work that into their schedule. I don't know what stops them. They can't come up with a good enough excuse to suit me. Hypochrites is what I call them.

Congratulations on the conversation with your husband. Maybe he'll give this a lot of thought now.

Funnierthanme, I am sorry for your loss! But I am happy for you that your life is getting back on track and you are enjoying life.

Most of the time, I am able to handle things, but this week has been trying my patience and tolerance. Today, I am much better mentally. It isn't like anything has changed or will, but venting on here allowed me some sort of release.

I did have a conversation with my husband last night about his participation and what I needed from him. So I think I am making progress in that area, my siblings will not change and I am not wasting my breath there at all.

I do appreciate everyone listening, it has been one rough week for sure. It can only go up from here.

dkjellander, I came here, (and still do), to vent and got great advice, too. Some I took, some I didn't. But the venting helps me so much. It's like screaming quietly, or eating chocolate, or ice cream, or having a good crying spell when you need to. But sometimes, you just need to vent and tell someone your deepest thoughts that you just can't tell anyone else.

I took care of my MIL for 37 months and the last 5 she was unable to get out of bed to the potty. She had lost control of her bowels and had several bowel movements a day. I was constantly bathing her, changing bed linens, and doing laundry daily. Not to mention the air freshener I was going through. My most evil thought was I wanted to throw this stuff back onto her when I had it all wadded up to put it into the trash. I never told my husband that.

When I came here and vented, I was told more than once that I pretty much needed to grow a pair and stand up for myself and tell my DH I wouldn't do this anymore. I was always afraid if I did that, I would end up without a husband and a home. My husband has always placed his Mother 1st in his heart. Well, on March 26, this year, MIL woke me up to tell me she needed the potty. She always told me that after the fact. I went to her and did the hour long clean-up job, one of the messiest ones yet.

When I was carrying the "ton" of laundry to the laundry room, I stopped asked my husband "When can I stop doing this? I don't like doing this!, I don't want to do this! I can't do this anymore! I just won't do this anymore!" and I was looking straight into his face as I said every word.

I went on to the laundry room, afraid that he would answer me and we would have a big argument; but, when I came back into the kitchen, he was in his Mother's room. He came back to me and said "Email Dr. Arrick and tell him to make the arrangements to place her in Heartland". That was all that was said between us.

He left for work not saying another word and she was gone from our house at 3:30 pm that afternoon. She has been gone 16 days now and I get a kiss every morning before he leaves and when he comes home and before we go to bed. Those had become non-existent when she was here. We laugh again. He smiles again. I have seen a transformation in my husband that I didn't think would happen and I'm sure there has been one in me, too.

I don't know where I got the nerve to say what I did; but, I think the encouragement from my friends here had a lot to do with my motivation that morning.

So many people here have gone through the same situations as others and solutions for some have worked for others. Some can piece together suggestions from many to help in you situation, too. But sometimes, venting is just what you need to do and many ears are here just to listen and many shoulders are here for you to lean on.

Vent if you only need to vent, but don't ever give your MIL a bell!

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