4yrs ago i met ,who became my very best friend. We shared all our problems. HE was late 70's and im early 30's. Im married w/2 boys. We became family , i loved him and his grown children. They all lived in other states and 2 out of 3 were not so nice to him or his late wife[there mother]. I would come check on him every day and spend hours helping him.He got sick one night and went in the hospital for 3 days.I was the only one he called and stayed there with him,and never thought twice. When time come to release him they needed to know someone was gona be there 24/7. His daughter,whom had power of attorney wanted to put him in nursing home. This man was still sharp as a tack,nothing wrong with his mind and the hospital told her so. She had no say.I agreed to stay with him,and did.I already handled every thing for him anyways. His daughter that lived closest came to stay after 4 days of me being away from my own family.He begged me not to leave him with her [they had problems in past that his safety was risk]. I called other daughter ,she told me she had a life in /x..-zx,and he should of went to nursing home. I didnt know what to do,he ask me if we,my family,would move in ,after alot of discussion we did with the agreement of selling us his house at a low low price. I was now working a 24/7 job without pay.Which was saving them money. The nursing home would have took all his savings . After caring for him ,day and night ,assisting hospice . We loved each other and everyone knowed it. All the nurses knowed he called me his angel. 12 days after his death i recieved a email from his daughter thanking me for every thing and to get out of there house. I have nothing in writing,stupid me trusted his word for me not to worry.What do i do,we have only 1 week she says before they probate the will and it says sell the house and devide,but she's not givin us that option.HELP

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I'm so sorry, but unfortunately without anything in writing or a legal document designating this house to you, you have nothing to stand on. You may want to contact a lawyer, but I don't think it will help. The only other option that may be possible if you want to keep the house is to try and buy it from the children. Good luck.

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