My 91-yeear old mother is slowly recovering from many recent bouts of pancreatitis and I have been traveling back and forth 200 miles each way every week for 4-5 days at a time. She is a widow and very needy emotionally. My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer last week and my brother is suffering from a recent herniated disc problem. All happened all at once. My husband and I are very tired. I just simply need some down time and time to take care of myself (just got my first cold in over 10 years - I tend to be very healthy and fit)...but for now, just a hug from new "friends" on this site. Don't want to inundate family and friends here with the same old song and dance. Venting here will be good!

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Bless you, Robbie, and here's a hug. Thanks for sharing your story, and know you're not alone.

I, too, can relate to 200 miles each way, and finally moved my parents to me. One is in a nursing home, and one in her own apartment. We have another (my FIL) in the same nursing home as my Dad. He lived about 300 miles away, but now only 4. That helps immensely. We are still traveling back and forth to care for their homes, which need help, too. So we understand tired. Fortunately we are fairly healthy to deal with all this.

Here's hoping you find comfort here, camaraderie, support and encouragement. Vent away! And please, take care of you.

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