He is an amazing man to live with the affects of stroke and not complain!He justs needs to have his meals and sleep...Its like Where does he get the peace to live with such a disorder for 31 years, Beyond me to comprehend; Don't get me wrong..we have our who doesn't..! He is so disciplined about his routine..ex-military..what did You expect. He's up at 4:45 every morning and into the bathroom he goes to shave , with left hand and then showers and comes out 70 minutes later to dress himself .with no help from me. He then proceeds downstairs, yes manuevers the steps,and into the kitchen to have his poached eggs with toast juice and coffee.. Down more steps and then 5 more steps to the basement where there is a set of weights attached to the wall where he can use a pulley to work his Left arm Amazing! Up the steps ,really, and into his snooze /tv chair to catch up on the news of the day.All this is completed by 8 a.m.Here he goes at 9;45 up and out of the chair up the steps and with his cane as an aide, out the door ,down the steps and off for his 1/2 mile walk, more like a getty up,draging his right leg along.Yeah I don't how either!! A TESTAMENT to his drive and spirit. Back from his stroll, now on the couch where I apply mineral ice and then real ice for ten mintues.OOOHHH it keeps any inflamation from getting into that stroke leg, of course his leg is elevated.Here we are now at lunch ,cup of soup and half a sandwich and he's ready for his afternoon nap,deservetly so. 3 Pm awake and time for an old-time movie. I am out the door for my earnings job, leaving behind his already prepared meal for dinner, which he consumes at his leisure and then back to the evening news until the time comes when the tv is watching him snooze. I am home by 8:30p where the tv is continuing to keep him in sight. At 10:30 or so he wakes drags himself up to his bedroom,undresses and into the bed he goes. You can never tell what day it is because they are all the same and have been for the past 31 years..How does this man endure??

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WOW, your Dad is truly remarkable. What a spirit and will to live the life given him. We could all use a good dose of whatever he has in his soul to carry on all these many years.

God bless him and you for being there for him!!

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