I took the advice of someone from a local agency regarding my mom. It turned out I didn't even need a referral from her pcp, I was able to set the whole thing up myself! Thanks a million Land of Sky in Buncombe County North Carolina for helping me with this idea, which I was able to initiate. Now my mom can hopefully get the psychiatric care she needs before we move to the next step! Wow, this is quite the ride!
And now for my soapbox! We really do need more of an educational, supportive, on a dozen levels, effort in this regard with our government. Please let whoever know. Thanks, Melanie

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I feel for you and the guilt is awful! i cannot look after my mum on my own without the support and help of my siblings. I need to take care of me now as my health is getting worse most of it guilt,stress and depression WHY? because with all of her faults my mum has helped us all when our lives have been bad shes always been here for us and helped financially etc....although shes a very unhappy person in herself she was a good mother and did her best for us with very little money.
My guilt is that I cant look after her now when she needs me,that i dont have the money to help her with house repairs etc.. that she should be getting the best of care but we cant afford it. Its an awful situation to be in so I understand you. I pray everyday that I win some money enough to just get her home help 24/7 so that she can live here in her own home until her dying day and i can visit when i want and be her daughter again!
Then you wake up in the morning and reality hits! thats when its all to real the problems ahead. But I can only do what i can with what i have she cannot live on her own and if it means giving up the house to pay for her care we may not have a choice? this is all i think about all day everyday. what if she wont go into a home? how will she manage here alone? will my life have to be put on hold to look after her im 48yrs old i need to get my life back now not later.
Dont feel guilty this is tough very tough we didnt ask for this and im doing my best under very difficult circumstances ive surrendered all this to god and the universe as i cant think straight anymore I dont know what to do anymore and am just waiting for an answer to appear i only have faith now that this will be sorted either way and have had to switch off for my own sanity. I know only too well wanting so desperately to help someone you love BUT sometimes we just cant and we do whats best for both of us! Hugs!!

Good for you! When you share your experiences, you give courage to those of us who are just beginning this journey. Please don't feel guilty; feel proud that you are strong and capable and helpful and caring and kind. Lots of hugs to you!

But of course now that i've put up the post I'm already feeling guilty! Dang! Why does that keep happening? I guess I want so much to be able to help my mom more than I'm able ~ wow, that guilt is powerful! but i KNOW this is the best decision!

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