My mom is 76 Has mild bipolar if that's possible. I do everything. Because she is overweight her legs hurt and arms from just laying in bed 21/7 . Yes I try to get her out. But now I have a boyfriend and she wants to meet him which is such a bad Idea Im 50 yrs old I need a friend that I don't loose. I have only 1 friend left. Because my mom drove them away. She is mean and rude I say she should not meet him until were engaged or married. I know she is scared jealous and hates being alone. But is able to do this all by herself.

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yes thankyou both. I told the man that I do take care of my mom and that possibly on the weekends I can leave. My mom has agreed to stay by herself with friends calling and of course me calling her. She still thinks I will be murdered one day or she will because I'm with someone new and she is alone. She's very dramatic.

We each get one life. Live YOURS!
I take care of Mom 24/7/365 and my only social life is with my brothers (with Mom included) and out of state friends that I keep up with via phone and computer.
If you have a chance at a LIFE....Grab it! Mom will get over it eventually.

my mom gets a little terse any time im around a potential romantic interest. i guess the parent feels pretty dependant on us and are resisting someone stealing us away. if i were to meet someone right now they would need to deal with my carer gig. its a part of my life. i would help them with their parents if necessary too. were adults, not teens. caregiving is an adult reality.

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