I'm just so tired. I see changes in MIL. The decline is slow, but evident. My daughter is getting ready for prom and college. She has been giving me so much space to be MIL's caregiver that I feel like she doesn't want me to be a part of her life. My little one is singing a Carngie Hall this weekend and needs me to help her find a dress. (the one we got weeks ago doesn't fit the protocol). The school changed it's security measures without telling the parents so I had to cause a conflict just to bring my little daughter an arm brace. It seems that no one respects my time. The school, the Hall coordinators, either they wait till the last minute or expect things to be passed through the ranks. I check websites everyday their information should be available. My family is trying to help me but in the end I have a bigger mess to clean up. I need time to coordinate my life. I am sick of the do nothing family in laws that ask if they can help after the task is already done....gaining points for just asking. I'm so ill now I can't even talk. A relief to those around me but very painful for me. I can't even rest enough to get well because of the demands on me. I can't imagine missing my daughters debut. MIL is coming with..They just told me there will be a 3 hour layover on the bus prior to the performance. Now I have even more work trying to figure out someplace to go in NYC with an 80 yr old FYI, NYC is not very handicap accessible. MIL won't use a wheel chair. This event has been in the planning stages for 3 months....what is with people? No one respects my time. Thank you for listening I know I'm blessed but I really need some sleep. I finally have a minute to myself and I'm typing this. Kids are at school, husband is working MIL and Dog are asleep. I know as soon as I lay down there will be an emergecy. I will probably do some paperwork and make a Dr. appointment for this cough. I've been on hold 10 min. already trying to make the appointment. No one respects my time.

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Is there a way you can go to Carnegie without the MIL? Why can't your husband stay home with her if it's going to be drug a drag?

Girl, if you don't honk your own horn no one is going to know you're coming. Everything in your life appears to be a negotiation; including your health. There's nothing wrong with putting yourself first every now and then. They call it survival.

Get some rest, go to the doctor and let everyone else sit on the back burner for a while. You deserve some me time too.

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