Not really sure where to begin but I guess it started back in April when I quit my fulltime job to provide better care to my mom who has dementia. She goes to adult daycare during day and still suffering trying to find a good homecare caregiver. Everytime I find a good one and get them trained and my mom used to them they quit or get fired. So I found a fulltime daytime job about a week after I quit but then 3 weeks later they decided they didn't need the position and let me go via voicemail which was very unprofessional. So after mothers day I continued with my job search and I'm still looking. I do have a job at a trucking company but its only one night a week so 5 or 6 hours a week can't live off of that. I did cash out my retirement account at job so I could get much needed repairs done at home to help mom and me. But unfortunately someone I thought I could trust online ended up coming to my house (he lived in WI and I live in IL) and took the money he had stated in the contract and just left town with the money so now I'm stuck trying to get the money back from him. So besides doing job searches, caring for my mom, dealing with unreliable homecare now I'm dealing with the police so they can get him arrested. He took $2500 but luckily I had enough money left to get materials and have some coworkers build it for me. But going through all this my mom doesn't understand, can't get any support from my family all I hear is how stupid I was. Well I know this but its a little late now for me to change the choice I made. I just have no luck when it comes to men whether Im dating someone or choosing a contractor...hope things get better soon. My mom just gets so mad and blames me for everything. I would love to blame it on dementia but my whole life she has acted this way when these stressful situations happen. Any ideas? I am going away for the day tomorrow to spend time with friends, go shopping, have a nice dinner. Im sure a few hours away will help.

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I looked into Angie's list and didn't want to pay the fee....did get several quotes from deck companies, another from friend of family and then this guy that I talked to online said h e would do it so much cheaper. But in the end my coworker got a couple guys together and we went to store got deck kit and they are putting together for me this weekend since i went through all this turmoil and its even cheaper than the crook was charging me.

On the caregivers the feedback I get is that they have high turnover rate and they are leaving for better jobs. That I can't argue with its just frustrating.

Not sure how this will work but I plan on leaving for a couple days in august/september since Im turning 40 this year I want to get away for couple days and enjoy myself. My brother will have to step up but I won't hold my breath.

Oh, dear. Regarding home repairs, have you heard of Angie's List? It's a handy website to you get honest reviews about plumbers, contractors, yada yada yada. Start there. Always get referrals and do a google search on any company/person you work with.

Regarding the caretakers that seem to leave right after you train them, do you get feedback? Why do they leave? Try to get some feedback from them so you can see if something needs to change to make it more appealing for caretakers to stay.

Bless you as you care for your Mom. It's a noble call.

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