I think all caregivers are put through hell in varying degrees. I feel as though I've been put through hell in all aspects of caregiving. It seems like everything that can cause caregiver burnout is happening to me. It seems as though my elderly mother finds some twisted joy in tormenting me. She gets angry at the smallest thing......if I complain about being tied down constantly from caring for her.....she get very mad......she'll say....."You can go out and do whatever you want." Some days aren't as bad, while others are terrible.....where I feel like a prisoner. The curse continues.....

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Roscoe you need to find others to complain to about being tied down in taking care of your mom. Telling her that won't make her feel better and probably won't make you feel better either. It sounds like you've both had it with each other from too much togetherness. Can you get some help like suggested above by Assandache so that you can get out more and have some time away from your mom? You do have to take care of yourself and getting a break and being able to communicate with other caregivers is the way to do it.

I think you need to find some help with your Mom's daily care. You sound like you are getting way burned out. Maybe it would be helpful if you found a local caregivers support group. I know how tough it can be doing and saying the same things day in and day out. You need to take care of yourself also..

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