My 83 year old mom lives with me. She has gotten very ill in the past month, she wasn't doing that great before. After 2 hospital trips in the past month, one for Pneumonia, she's home now. She's changed dramatically. More argumentative (then usual) weak, tired, unsteady. The doctors are really no help, she complains of a bladder infection and they say she's fine. She takes MS Contin for a damaged nerve in her face on top of Lyrica for neuropathy in her feet, she isn't diabetic.
I have some temporary home health care but not more then an hour or two a week. I work full-time and I ask her please not to do somethings when I'm not there, showers, washing dishes, going down the stairs, walking the dog....but she does them anyway. She is Medi/Medi and I've tried to get some information on what services she can get but my search seems to be fruitless. I do have family that lives close by but they haven't been all that helpful (everyone has to work) so I'm the one doing all of the legwork.
Yesterday she took 3 MS Contin, I caught her this time, I had refilled the RX and I decided to count the pill that were there before I went to sleep. The other day one of my neighbors saw her outside walking the dog.

I just about at the end of my rope! I do have a few specific questions.

Does anyone know of specific service she can qualify for and well as any financial support for me?

Has anyone had any experience with SCAN. They seem to provide some good services but I'm leery to switch her

Bless you all

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Where/what is the temporary home health care? What is actually safe for her to do? She does not need to sit around and be bored and get even more focused on pain and depressed. Overdosing MS Contin could be deadly, Lyrica not so she getting enough of that? Maybe she needs a different doc...why can't she get a UA and culture and get that treated, and what IS the cause of the neuropathy if she is not diabetic? Any pain or ENT specialists around who could try a nerve block for the facial paresis?

I don't know what SCAN is - could that be a local eldercare waiver option or Area Agency on Aging or equivalent? Maybe there is some day center based faciity out there that would do her transportation too.

Sorry all questions, no answers so far...I hate to just shoot from the hip, knowing all the legwork you have already done, though!

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