Guess what guys???????? I can go away without feeling guilt or shame.


So some of you may know my story already but for those of you who are just reading one of my post ....My name is Sarah am 23 I have been caring for my mother for the last five years, I have developed health issues, depression, a all in all abusive situation and Im ready to leave home and venture out on my own only things holding me back is guilt feeling selfish because somewhere in my head, and heart I feel like Im abandoning my mother......thats just a quick summary of all thats troubling Ive been trying to get my mom set up for home health with little to no cooperation from I was out with my father and my sister for lunch today and my dad told us that he put in for his retirement today so I am absolutely thrilled, now I dont feel guilty I am just happy, I can go without any feelings of guilt or shame...I am just happy to be able to get away from the situation without anymore pain, knowing that my mom will be taken care of and I just feel I dont know Im smiling again and I just wanted to share that with my new friends....thank you guys so much for your support...Its crazy how complete strangers can be so nice to me, understanding, and loving....

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Wonderful! Keep in touch and let us know how things are working out for you.

Hi Sarah, I'm glad that your father finally stepped up to the plate. Just as my father did when I was age 23. Except, I chose to stay and help only due to religious reasons/obligations. I say go for it!!! I'd recommend travelling first before settling down. This way, when people talk about all their travels, you don't have any regrets because you already did it. But don't wait too long in having a family. For now, finish up college and travel during the weekends and spring and summer breaks. Take advantage of air/hotel packages with a trustworthy travel site/agent or the airlines' websites for deals. I"m so glad for you!

I am so happy for you Sarah!!! You are too young to be tied down to caregiving for long term and your father is the person who should be making the sacrifice not you. You are young and deserve to get out in the world, work, go to college, socialize with friends and meet men you may want to have a relationship with, get married. Enjoy your freedom, use it wisely and may God bless you!!