Thanks to all that answered and suggested the Ombudsman for solving my problem. My husband was not transferred, though they alleged that the 30 day notice period did not apply to his case because of his aggressive behavior. The Ombudsman representative was very helpful. As soon as I read your recommendations in this page, I called (at night) and at 7:00 am they were answering my call, and with me on the line they called the NH to stop the transfer.

I must add that now after discovering this page, is that I Know that I was a caregiver for almost 3 years. My husband is in a NH since last October (after a fall and neck fracture), but I never realized that I was dealing with the typical situation of a caregiver until I visited this page. Must add that "he never had any problem"...I was the problem, and I was almost convinced he was right. Bless you all...thank you

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I'm so glad things are looking up. Please keep us informed of how this plays out.

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