One I worked in the medical field for 30 plus years in every care giving field and plus add to that having an handicapped son..yup been "burned out" and have had to seek medical help for myself.Now I am retired and still get "burned out" from
taking care of my son.I will share what I was taught ,get respite ( yes I know with my son it was impossible ,no one had the knowledge to handle his handicap) and I had to deal with that with families who had no outside help at the time.Now you have a wide range of options provided budget cuts haven't eliminated them.You deserve to be in excellent shape and the person you are caring for deserves it as well.Guilt was always a major issue and safety when I left my son with someone new.How many times did I turn around on a vacation and return to make sure things were all would need a calculator...then lets throw in the insurance company saying we hit our "cap" with his coverage..had to switch insurance companies real things have settled down to a dull roar anyway...still I just feel guilty and "burned out" at times.

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