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Finances can be a sticky situations. Considering finances can and have become the root of many family feuds, it is only normal you would be afraid to bring this up with your mother.
I also would have a couple more questions. Are you POA or are you able to work with your mother's POA? What is the reasoning for bringing this up with your mother? Do you have other siblings?
Without knowing a few other details, some things that I have seen work successfully in the past has been family meetings when there are good relations. Or involving a social worker (at a hospital or similar that helps with patient care coordination) or doctor- there is usually opportunity for a social worker or doctor to bring it up at doctors appointments or during hospitalizations. You can voice your concerns to them and they can be that person who breaks the ice and suggests things be discussed if they haven't. There likely isn't time in the doctor appointment to hash it all out, but they will be able to get the topic out on the table to be continued later. This is especially true if it is dealing with future care options for a parent.
The other thing I would caution, especially if your mother is capable, is not telling her what to do. Come from a place of genuine curiosity and concern.

How old is your mother and do you have POA? You haven't told us about why your mother would be angry sharing information with you.

Don't do what I did and just jump right in and ask about her finances. My mothers still doesn't trust me because of me just asking a few simple questions. However, my mother is very paranoid. So make sure you know how to approach your mother.

Do you have POA ? If not then why bother?

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