Its been 8 weeks since Mom moved in. She's frail, has diabetes, CHF, Kidney Failure, Pulmonary Hypertension. Many times she is not able walk well, uses oxygen full time. Lots of challenges. Anyway, I realized this week that I feel more peaceful. I have more acceptance. I find I'm not taking things quite as personally. So I guess we have a new normal. I know that another medical crisis, fall or something will happen, but I'm appreciative of the peace I feel right now.

Thanks to you all for sharing your experiences and letting me know that my feelings and experiences are universal. I helps a lot.

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the angels just make sport of me. suckers, im bakin bread and theyre not.

I agree with JB ive been alot better since ive SURRENDERED all this crap to the angels and God and im not a huge religious person BUT there is a saying or prayer??(gulp and im catholic!) "give me the strength to change the things I can and the courage to accept the things I cannot" so true!

kgirl, I understand. I remember the peace that came to me when I put things in God's hands. I'm not a very religious person, but when it all gets too hard for me, I find so much comfort in just putting it all in His hands.

Congratulations! Once you know what it feels like, you can get it back if it escapes. I remember a time when I was fretting over 2 surgeries, child care, the job, and limited sick time, going around and around with possibilities. It suddenly came to me - "You just don't know what's going to happen." I recognized that truth, and my limited ability to control things, breathed out, and felt calm.

Enjoy this moment. You might also enjoy the story - the tiger and the strawberry. Google it.

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