I am a prisoner to my Mothers altzheimer's and I don't think I can bear another day


Mom doesn't remember that she doesn't walk anymore.The minute I leave the room she is trying to get up.Constant asking "What can I do for you?"I can't even do the dishes until I get her in bed.I'm going crazy and I feel desperate to get her in a nursing home because I can't stand it another minute!!! I have her in day care a couple of mornings a week,But to be honest I can't stand it when she comes home.What a horrible way to feel about your mother.

She is angry because I won't take her home Nothing I say satisfies her

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My heart goes out to you; I went through similar scenario with MIL as you describe with your mom. As others said, it is good to vent. But, I know even with venting, the non-stop stress is still there. I remember waking up every morning like it was a nightmare of stress and didn't want to get out of bed.

I do hope you can find a nursing home for her - you are a wonderful daughter, but this strain is too much. My thoughts and prayers are with you and sending much love.

Insane: I can't imagine what you are going through. How long has your mom been with you. Do you live in her house or yours? Is it possible to place her in a NH that has a memory care unit? Can she qualify for medicaid.

I've been taking care of my dad who had a major stroke. He's 89 and living with us now. He isn't like your mom, asking for something all the time, but I have to keep my eyes on him 24/7 because he always wants to get out of his chair and will fall. I can't imagine what it will be like to live without having to watch a monitor around the clock. I love my dad, but the strain of keeping him safe it a full time toll. Stay in touch and if you can answer the questions I've asked. Love and Hugs, Cattails.

I am so sorry you are so miserable. I don't even have words for you as I am pretty numb. Just know people on here care. Venting helps. I hope you both find some peace soon.

did you try to get someone to help, even for a few hours

I don't understand that she is angry that you won't take her home -- to the home she lived in before you moved her in with you? That must be tough to deal with all the time.

Have you started the process to get her into a memory care unit of a nursing home? If so, where in that process are you? Is she on a waiting list? If you haven't started the process, why not?

Isn't this a dreadful, dreadful disease? I'm sure it is the disease you dread coming home after daycare. If your mother didn't have the disease you would probably feel different about her. Don't be hard on yourself. Dementia is truly hateful.

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