The rehab says she must now go to hospice. I can not afford to take off work and go out to where my Mom is, so who finds this hospice for her and gets her house sold, and all of that.
Mom was planning to have me assigned as her power of attorney, but she is having difficulty mentally at this point and I am not sure if she signed the papers. And even if she did, I can't do much from across the country.

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What state is your mother located in? Is there no family to help?
You can contact the Social Worker of the current rehab center to locate you a Hospice Company. Hospice is an awesome program and they will work with you as well. Someone needs to advocate for your mother locally where she is to make sure she is properly taken care of. If she is in Indianapolis I will be more then glad to share resources with you. Hopefully an expert will log on and help you to find an advocate for her.
There are companies that can help you clear out her home, sell everything for you and put it on the market. Google Senior Move Management Companies and you should be able to find a "local" one for wherever she is located. You can also Google Area On Aging, whatever city she is in and call them for help. They may know of an organization who can advocate for your mother.

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