We were told after she had a terrible fall while on Vacation that the CAT scan showed large nodgials on her liver & lungs. She had a M.I. 10 months prior and nothing was said then. We brought her home (from Fla) to a Nursing Facility on Roxynol every 2 hours thinking that she would'nt live long. At the home she became mentally very alert and the home (in NJ) suggested that "Mom is in really good shape except for the breaks" and at that we were focusing on trying to get her well enough for home!! The biggest problem is that Mom has had bouts of Dry Heaves and no appitite for months & Months. NOW.... It is all the time. We want to address that so we can get her eating and strong enough to come home, but now we cannot get any answers from anyone. Her Dr ordered Tests on Sat night and on Momday I asked if we can get them ordered early since this is a holiday week. By wed morning I had to leave a message for the Administrator because noone will communicate OR order the tests. Then they said her Dr put the tests on hold, and sail that she wpould end up having to have a scope or biopsy. If she is that bad and treminal, why cant someone just tell us???

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Hope you do get some results soon and contacting the administrator will hopefully push them to do their job! You are going through enough without this added frustration; especially when it is soooo important and vital. I will keep you in my prayers. Take care.

Thank You so much! I honestly believe that a "good percent" of our problem is because of "her Doctor". It is her regular family Dr., who she only decided to do ANY kind of doctoring at the age of 80 or 81!!! From what I have been finding out, none of the facilities here have staff doctors. I know just from talking with my own family Dr. that they are all spread so so thin because of Insurance costs. I wonder if because we are in NJ, the Malpratice is as high as our Auto insurance, (which last I heard was the highest in the country). Well we DID just have the Social Worker in, and she was completely amazed of our situation STILL!! I have a strong feeling that they are all checking into her chart after my "straight to the point" message to the Administrator yesterday! I was "almost" annoyed enough, to involve the State, who had been in here for the entire week!!!

I am assuming the doctor you are referring to is the nursing home doctor? I have had problems in the past with these doctors as my parents were in facilities on and off for years. Last year I called the doctor directly at his office and by-passed the nursing station as he would not respond and they were too busy to keep after him. If you can, call him directly - ask for his cell phone number. If you call his office and he is not in - ask to speak to his partner, if he has one. That is what I had to resort to and this expedited the process.

I'm sorry this is happening, as it shouldn't and I really had to be relentless in my efforts to get a hold of the doctor personally. Also, try the social worker at the facility if you haven't already. Someone needs to help you with this.

Wishing you luck - so frustrating. Take care.

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